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As we point out in this issue, sometimes less is more. And for a non-degreed PCB designer, learning to use a field solver might feel like drinking from a firehose. So, for this issue, we asked our expert contributors to share their thoughts on field solvers, and what new users need to know to get up to speed. In our industry, we just love our acronyms. If designers and manufacturers actually embrace this concept, DWM could do what DFM was never able to do: Create a transparent communication environment for designers, fabricators, assemblers, and component and materials suppliers.

Now, DWM promises to get every stakeholder on the same sheet of music, from the beginning of the design process through box-build. And your EMS provider would know about any tough-to-find components far before your bare board arrived.

Why should you embrace DWM? But after talking with designers who have grown accustomed to laying out boards without knowing where their boards would be manufactured, not to mention such info as impedance requirements, it dawned on us What the design community really needs to do is focus on designing in a vacuum.

Is DIV the next industry acronym? Aluminum has been around for hundreds of years, and we may have only scratched the surface of its many uses. In this column, Joe Fjelstad explains how this inexpensive metal may hold the key to making solderless rigid-flex circuits a reality. Aluminum may once again prove to be more valuable than gold. Note: This month marks the last installment of Flex as a sub-section of Design Magazine.

This month’s issue focuses on how readers can get started designing additive and semi-additive PCBs, and how the design process for additive technology differs from that of traditional subtractive processes. Additive processes may be your best bet. Additive and semi-additive design and manufacturing are in flux, and PCB designers in the additive world are basically making the rules as they go.

Defense and aerospace contractors are very interested in additive. If you need spaces and traces below 1 mil, additive is an attractive option. But there are plenty of potential pitfalls. Flexible and rigid-flex circuits continue to evolve at a constant pace. This month, we bring you a column by Joe Fjelstad that delves into the possibilities afforded by research into wearable electronics, as well as an article by Nicholas Marks that focuses on the benefits of each of the five basic types of flex.

There are more avenues for acquiring design education and training than ever before—live classes, online webinars, YouTube videos and blogs, but where should you start? In a way, designers are a lot like great white sharks.

There are more avenues for acquiring design education and training than ever before—live classes, online webinars, YouTube videos and blogs, not to mention a variety of textbooks written by industry luminaires. But where should you start? Flex Flexible and rigid-flex circuits have become one of the mainstays of our everyday electronic devices. Now, flexible circuitry is serving as a stepping stone to further innovations, such as flexible electronics and flexible hybrid electronics.

This month, we bring you articles by Joe Fjelstad and Sean Nachnani that cover the opportunities and challenges that these technologies present.

Our contributors discuss some of the changes they see happening in the industry, especially those changes that seem to be happening to them, not with them. As Stephen V. FLEX The flexible circuit segment is constantly evolving. What constitutes a state-of-the-art flex or rigid-flex circuit today? This chapter provides a working outline for designing a cutting-edge rigid-flex stackup. This month, we asked our contributors to share their thoughts on designing high-voltage PCBs.

Readers like you responded to our survey asking about today’s challenges. They shared, among other things, the demand for higher voltages in the automotive segment, with electric vehicles leading the charge. There is definitely an artistic angle to this job. PCB design requires the perfect mix of artistic and technical skills. We noticed that our contributors spend most of their time discussing the technical side of PCB design.

These PCBs may enable devices that help feed humanity, save lives, or carry us to other countries or planets. But this month, we wanted to step back and look at data management in general, from a more macro level than in previous issues. But a lot has changed since flex first appeared on the market 60 years ago. Columnist Joe Fjelstad celebrates his 50th year in the business with a retrospective of his career in electronics, and a few predictions about the electronics of the future.

When we started planning this issue on design data transfer formats, we knew what we were getting into. While most of the topics we cover involve objective discussions with designers, any conversation about data formats is bound to be a subjective affair. While most of the topics we cover involve objective discussions with designers—i. Which brings us to these questions: Is there really a problem with having three perfectly good design data formats?

Does the industry have to unite around one? Or do we all just like a good horse race? These are just a few of the questions that our contributors discuss in the October issue of Design Magazine. Matt Stevenson has a feature column on finding the value of Gerber files. Jen Kolar of Monsoon Solutions explains how her company decides which data format to select for each job. Gene Weiner discusses the role of tribal knowledge in the data format conversation. Flex The typical challenges found in rigid board design pale in comparison to the issues designers face with flexible and rigid-flex circuits.

For this issue, we asked a variety of contributors to discuss their collaborative relationships, as well as the advantages that accrue from such collaboration. We found a common theme: it’s better to fix simple design errors earlier in the process through open communication.

In recent surveys, designers pointed to a lack of collaboration with fabricators as among their biggest ongoing challenges. And some respondents noted that when they did work with their fabricators, it was late in the design cycle, usually fixing simple design errors that could have been avoided by communicating with the CAM engineer earlier in the process. So, for this issue, we asked a variety of contributors to discuss their collaborative relationships, as well as the advantages that accrue from such collaboration.

Patrick draws on his experience on the manufacturing floor to address key areas where designers and fabricators can work together to streamline the design process. Rich Tighe discusses the role of EDA tools in helping bridge the designer-fabricator gap. And Tara Dunn explains how collaboration can shorten the learning curve for designers and fabricators.

This month, we asked a variety of expert contributors, seasoned and not-so-seasoned, to describe their path to becoming successful PCB designers and their advice to new designers seeking to continue their education. The more you know, the more control you have over your career.

But there is one thing that you can control: Your education. And the more you know, the more control you have over your career. Flexible and rigid-flex circuits offer an array of advantages for technologists and inventors who are seeking to push the proverbial envelope. This month, we put your burning questions to our expert team of PCB designers and design engineers.

The entire issue is packed with answers to questions that designers like you are wrestling with right now. We want to help PCB designers do their jobs better, faster, and easier. We decided to let the readers pose their questions to our team of industry experts. We asked our readers to send in their questions, and they responded with queries from across the spectrum: DFM, stackups, supply chain issue, education, signal integrity—you name it. This month, our Flex contributors delve into ways to reduce respins in rigid-flex designs.

Our intrepid Trekkie contributors delve into some of the technological marvels introduced on the show, and more! These are the voyages of the PCB designer. Their ongoing mission: to explore strange new vias, to seek out land patterns and new base materials. To boldly go where no PCB designer has gone before.

The best thing about Star Trek was the technology. Kirk being chased by a Romulan? Incidentally, William Shatner chose StoryFile to preserve his incredible legacy, with a conversational video and AI platform. Learn more. FLEX This month, our Flex contributors look at which electronic marvels from the original Star Trek have come into fruition, which have not, and whether flexible embedded circuits would have been part of the Federation uniforms of This month, we asked a select group of expert designers and design engineers to discuss some of the many ongoing problems that they face with each design they embark on.

We found that there isn’t one universal challenge but a ‘multiverse’ of problems. We were mistaken. So, this month, we asked a select group of expert designers and design engineers to discuss some of the many ongoing problems that they face with each design.

The challenges facing rigid board designers pale in comparison to those that their flexible brethren must contend with. Flex designers work their black magic in a dynamic, 3D environment, and almost every design could be considered a custom build. This month, we look into a new process for using copper-filled vias for HDI flex designs. We were surprised to find that there were several schools of thought regarding simulation.

When we started speaking with SI experts for this issue, we were surprised to find that there were several schools of thought regarding simulation. Should your company invest in a simulation tool, which also means hiring someone with years of experience to operate it? Or should you eliminate the need for simulation from the start by managing your electromagnetic fields properly?

There are a variety of ways to terminate and connect a flexible circuit to a rigid board. But the stress on the flex circuit must be considered to avoid broken connections, and many flex connectors come with long lead times. This month, we look at some of the best techniques for terminating flexible circuits. One tip: Work out your connection strategy well in advance of beginning the design process.


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